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Local Distribution Companies are in a predicament. On the one hand, government long term blueprints state that the strategy is to create a "culture of conservation." and they rely on LDCs to execute on this complex, seemingly impossible goal — how to change a culture? On the other hand, LDCs are accountable for conservation savings that will help stabilize demand growth and reduce the need for future resource generation. If those two mandates weren't enough, LDCs also face customers who are disengaged and just see rising utility costs.

So how do LDCs change the culture, reliably connect and also transform the actions of so many individuals in a positive way? We know how.

Ureika is here to help LDCs create powerful two-way communications with their customers; communications that are proven to create massive measurable conservation savings. Instead of a slurry of initiatives and mail-outs, we focus on creating a true social connection between consumers and utility companies. From a simple utility bill to advanced analytics websites, we’ve designed a Social Engagement Engine™ (SEE™) that helps individuals visualize and understand their energy usage impact and ultimately creates a true culture of conservation.

We help LDCs give consumers their Ureika moment™.

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