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“60% of people look directly to their utility company for conservation information versus 5% that would look on the internet. How many LDCs are creating these vital connections right now?

Our Approach

Mobile Energy PortalThe success of Facebook which boasts 500 million world-wide users is unprecedented. 50% of Canadians and 60% of Americans have accounts and the average time spent per account is 7hrs/day. Facebook proves that social engagement is a potent weapon in getting mindshare and driving cultural change. Ureika, like Facebook is a platform meant to engage users and drive large-scale changes.

The key insight of our approach is that engagement underpins every large-scale change — including conservation efforts. The most powerful motivational tool is user engagement – once people are engaged then conservation and results can be achieved.

Energy saving results across your entire customer base are quick and easily achievable using Ureika’s SEE. Recent (2010) statistics show that the energy efficiencies of the Ureika platform are achievable for as low as $0.03/kWh . In addition to clean-energy savings, SEE builds your brand image and gets positive mindshare with your customers. SEE helps utility companies increase return-on-investment on all future messaging, education and incentive programs while providing you with a platform for engagement that not only delivers but is also easy to maintain.

Urieka, the LDC Engagement Platform

socialWhat does engagement really mean? It means that we find ways, every way available, to move people from information to dialogue through to participation in conservation. A few of the driving factors include:

  • Easy to understand, actionable visuals
  • Social comparison of your usage versus neighbourhood peers
  • Repeated messaging through every utility bill, boosting and driving online conversion rates by 800%

The key to engagement is providing relevant, targeted content for each individual household. Using our algorithms, we transform raw usage data, merge it with additional 3rd party information/statistics/incentives to deliver brilliantly enticing content, content that provides the motivation to get consumers involved.

Targeted Communications

targetedUsing the latest in variable print and social-network web technology, we deliver a unique message to each utility customer. Ureika can break up messages into segments and deliver a personalized message to each household within a segment. For example, two segments might include single-family residences and high peak-demand use residences. Single-family residences might get a message about a "high-efficiency furnace" replacement incentive program being run by the LDC ( multi-unit residences would not get this message since it would not be actionable to them). High peak-demand residences would get a message about peak-demand factors.

In addition to segments, the targeted message would also be unique to each customer. Part of the message on each utility bill may outline specifics such as a "potential $ savings in reach" based on the individual homes usage and profiles. Each utility bill would get a potential $ savings calculated specific to that customer.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Multichannel CommunicationsPersonalized and specific messages initiate a personal dialogue, which can move from the static print channel to the dynamic web channel. On the web, interactive communications between the LDC (if so desired) and between individual customers help bring conservation to life. We understand that LDCs have a lot of end- goals such as education, incentive programs, and operational messages that need to be communicated to their customer base . Tracking, and amplifying the message so it is heard, understood, and acted upon is a daunting task we solve.

The Ureika platform supports multiple channels and allows incentive programs to be tied directly into all communications. A single-link from a utility bill will take users to the latest incentive programs and offers, where users can sign-up. Ureika then provides reports to the LDCS on minute by minute consumer participation. Once the Ureika platform is deployed and people have a "place" to go, a powerful two-way communication system is created to give LDCs ultimate control of their programs and conservation initiatives.

Immediate results are within reach

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