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“By 2010, Gen Y will outnumber baby boomers. 96% of them have joined a social network."
Source: Grunwald Associates National Study

We're revolutionizing consumer's understanding of their energy use

We make it easy for people to not only understand their energy use through visually engaging graphics. We also drive conservational change by helping create positive LDC mind-share, which helps all subsequent endeavours and educational programs. All with a Social Engagement Engine that LDCs can easily implement, run and maintain. Contact us today to learn more.

Meet Ureika, the Social Engagement EngineTM

seeOur Social Engagement Engine (SEE) is specifically designed for LDCs to harness the power of the information they already have. Information delivered as targeted   multichannel  messaging created to increase consumer engagement  and drive positive conservational change on a mass scale.

Ureika uses historical utility information, demographics and various other outside data to define relevant messaging for every customer. SEE is a two way street where customers can give ideas, suggestions and feedback to the system to continually improve communications effectiveness. The system also measures and continually updates information on both the customer and utility side to build an engagement engine that drives positive behavioural change .
For instance, we motivate customers to make changes based on not only their energy consumption patterns but also on their personal preferences, which can be defined at any time through the online portal. Continuous updates on both the client and utility side ensure the most relevant and targeted messaging.

Along with group buying discounts on various energy conservation products, online education and a social network specifically designed for energy reduction, our platform offers the most sophisticated Social Engagement Engine for LDCs on the market today.

The origin of an idea

ureika smileUreika was conceived in early 2006 as "I am One" to address the issues of energy conservation on a global scale. We were the first to patent and publish our idea into the community. A preliminary patent was filed in September 2007, as a way to ensure that the idea would remain in the open-source. Anyone can freely use our idea as is to achieve energy reductions without worrying about patent violations. We believe that great ideas that ensure a better future for generations to come need to be available to anyone that has the resources to make them happen.

Our ideas were released into the open-source via major design competitions including the 500 Euro Challenge (September 2007), Buckminster Fuller Competition (November 2007), and the Knight Competition (January 2008).

In line with our original estimates, competitors such as Opower have shown that a sustainable reduction of 1.5-3% in energy usage across a utility customer base is not only feasible, but also sustainable. They have also shown that up to 80% of people will respond on a continuous basis. A continual feedback loop will indeed decrease consumer energy consumption and change behavioral patterns as originally predicted in our model.

Our Team

Our team consists of innovative designers that transform statistical data to become not only personal and impactful, but also relevant and actionable. Working and living in a marketing & advertising culture, we understand how to engage with consumers, how to motivate their actions and understand key leveraging techniques that drive social engagement. To create a true culture of conservation, we understand that engagement is key.

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